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Planned Parenthood employee information
Planned Parenthood employees, family planning service providers and abortion clinic workers must obey the law
Pro-Life Opportunity
The illegal activity occurring at abortion clinics represents an enormous untapped resource for the pro-life movement. To begin with, when women considering abortion learn this information it is likely to cause them to take a second look at what they're getting into. A bad perception of abortionists can't help but reflect similarly on the abortion clinic and on abortion itself

Even more important to the prolife movement, however, will be the effect that this prolife campaign will have on the abortion clinic workers and, by extension, the abortion clinic. Currently, most abortion clinic employees know that if they conceal knowledge of a crime they could be exposed to arrest and prosecution. However, even among abortion employees who want to come forward, they are unsure how to do so, who to turn to and what impact it will have on them. Most remain silent because they can't answer the following questions: "Who do I tell?" and, "Am I personally in trouble?"

To address these issues at the abortion clinic, inform abortion workers and help pro-life organizations capitalize on this pro-life opportunity, we established a campaign called
This campaign educates abortion clinic employees about illegal activity that may be going on where they work, what they can do about it, and what legal exposure they may be facing.
At Life Dynamics, we have considerable experience with people who work in abortion clinics where they witness illegal or unethical activity occurring. In some cases, this sort of activity went on for a long time before the abortion clinic employees became aware of it. In other cases, abortion workers sensed that something didn't seem quite right, but were unable to pinpoint exactly what it was. We have even been involved with situations in which abortion clinic employees were participants in, or accomplices to, crimes which they didn't know were happening.
Some of the most common of these crimes include:
                  · Income Tax Evasion
                  · Medicaid Fraud
                  · Insurance Fraud
                  · Money Laundering
                  · Consumer Fraud
· Failure to Report Statutory Rape
· Sexual Harassment of Employees
· Sexual Assault of Patients
· Physical Assault of Patients
· Health and Safety Violations
When the prolife movement implements this prolife effort, abortion clinic profits could be devastated. Two former abortion workers have told us that this campaign would have sent shock waves through the abortion clinics where they worked and would cause the abortion clinic's management to panic.
A Prolife Win-Win
The fact is, is a sure-fire anti-abortion winner for the prolife movement in the fight against abortion for a number of very pragmatic reasons:
  1. Completely Legal
    There is nothing that the abortion clinics or pro-abortion media can do to combat this pro-life campaign against abortion clinics. They can't even accuse you of being "too graphic."
  2. Completely Non-Violent
    Any abortion clinic or pro-abort who claims otherwise will look very suspicious to the public.
  3. Dirt Cheap to Implement
    (More on this in a moment. Prolife organizations take note!)
  4. No Such Thing as Bad Press
    Whatever the pro-choice media says about this anti-abortion effort, we win! Be assured that when an abortion worker hears about this, regardless of whether it's labeled a radical prolife argument, anti-choice, etc., that abortion employee will eventually visit this pro-life web site.
  5. Chinese Handcuffs
    The more abortion clinic operators like Planned Parenthood struggle against this, the tighter it gets. Public opinion will be, "If the abortion clinics don't have anything to hide, what are they so worried about?" On the other hand, if Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics ignore it, then more abortion workers will hear about it and come forward. It's win-win for us.
  6. Plenty of Targets
    Our experience has been that: (a) virtually every abortion clinic in America is engaged in at least one illegal activity; (b) most abortionists are engaged in several; and (c) a significant number of abortion clinics are engaged in every one of the illegal activities listed above.
  7. Internal Strife
    Almost every abortionist or clinic administrator is engaged in illegal activity. So, think of the dissension that will result when they learn that abortion workers are now being urged to turn them in - and that the clinic workers could possibly be financially rewarded in the process.
  8. High Turnover/Low Loyalty
    The most common way that law enforcement gets inside information about an employer's illegal activity is from disgruntled former employees and ex-wives. In abortion clinics, divorce rates and abortion worker turnover are astronomical, resulting in an abundance of two things: disgruntled former employees and ex-wives (all of whom are disgruntled). We have also found that the majority of abortion clinic workers have an attitude about their employers that ranges from distrust to outright loathing. This means that current abortion clinic workers who also represent a sizable pool of people from which the prolife movement can recruit.
How to Get Started
  • Check out the web site.
  • Alert pro-life organizations and the other members of your sidewalk counseling or abortion clinic picketing team about the campaign.
Helpful Hints
  1. Know that the poster has an effect on women going into the abortion clinic.
  2. You can maximize the effectiveness of by getting to abortion clinics earlier and staying later. Keep in mind that your primary targets are the abortion clinic's employees. Abortion workers get to the abortion clinic before the patients arrive and leave after the patients have gone. If you make sure that the abortion clinic employees see your signs as they get to work, and again as they are leave, it could have a major impact on your results.
  3. Show up on non-killing days. Days that the abortion clinic is open - but not doing abortions - are perfect days for showing up with your materials. On these occasions, you may even have some of the abortion clinic workers come out and talk with you.