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Memorial & Tribute Giving
There is perhaps no better way to celebrate the life of a loved one or friend then to give a gift to Life Dynamics in their honor to protect the lives of the unborn. These gifts whether given in tribute or memorial insure that the memory of your loved one lives on through the lives of generations to come.

There are two types of gifts that can be used to honor someone.
  • TRIBUTE GIFTS: You can make a gift to honor a family member, a loved one, a business colleague, or to celebrate a special occasion such as a birth, wedding, birthday, retirement or anniversary. We will send notification of your donation, without mention of the amount, to your honoree.
Life Dynamics
  • MEMORIAL GIFTS: Send a message of sympathy to a loved one, friend or colleague by making a memorial gift at the time of their loss. We will send notification of your donation, without mention of the amount, to the bereaved family.
Life Dynamics


Please indicate whether the gift is being given in tribute or memorial, provide the person's name, as well as the address to which you would like the notification sent.

You may also call us at (940) 380-8800, or mail your gift to:

Life Dynamics, IncorporatedLife Dynamics, Incorporated
Memorial GiftsMemorial Gifts
204 Cardinal Drive204 Cardinal Drive
Denton, Texas 76209Denton, Texas 76209

You can also establish a memorial or tribute fund to commemorate a person or event. This fund can be established at any time and will be open to receive gifts from anyone that designates the fund. Life Dynamics can provide assistance in notifying friends and family that the fund has been established.

Persons giving to the fund will receive an appropriate acknowledgement of the gift. The fund coordinator or honoree will be sent notification of the gift without reference to the amount given.

To set up a memorial or tribute gift fund please contact Life Dynamics at (940) 380-8800.


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