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Help Protect Your School District
You can join our nationwide effort to help protect America's schools from lawsuits that result from cases of unreported child sexual abuse. In the course of our undercover investigation that revealed the connection between Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and child predators, it became apparent that schools are also involved in this issue.

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LDI has sent a certified letter to every one of this nation's 15,000+ school districts regarding the liability that may arise as a result of allowing "family planning" organizations to expose themselves to the students of the school district in any manner. This includes classroom presentations, literature left on campuses, advertisements, referrals made by district employees, and any "free" birth control products offered to the school based clinic.

Click here to read the school district notification letter

Hopefully, this will cause their attorneys to advise them to take a second look at their sex education, abortion referral, birth control and condom distribution policies. The school district is not responsible for investigating the suspected sexual activity of a minor, but it is responsible for complying with laws that require mandatory reporting based on suspicion.

If an underage girl becomes aware of a "family planning" provider and seeks their services as a result of some form of school endorsement, then the school district may be liable for any or all injuries to the girl that may occur. This includes cases where the "family planning" service fails to comply with mandatory reporting laws. In addition, if a school employee who suspects the sexual activity of a minor fails to report, then the school may be liable for any abuse that follows.

Grassroots activists in every school district can make sure that the actions of their local school district do not result in lawsuits being filed against the district because of unreported abuse. We are working with Priests for Life on a nationwide school district monitoring project. If you want to become involved in your local area or if you have any questions about this project, then call the Priests for Life office at 1 (888) 735-3448 and ask for either Chris Morales (ext. 271) or John Fagundes (ext. 297).

Click here to learn more about the Child Protection Project

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