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Pro-choice quotes vs. pro-life facts like Planned Parenthood profiting off child abuse

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On the pro-life issue, the right to life side is winning and the pro-life groups can point to statistics on abortion clinics as proof! But pro-choice journalists and pro-choice editors will spin their reports in support of abortion rights and against the pro-life view, so most Americans don't realize that the prolife groups are winning the abortion battle.

But let's put all the pro-choice vs. pro-life bias aside and just look at the facts on abortion - the number of abortion clinics, the access to abortion services and the future of the pro-life movement to see which side in the pro-life pro-choice battle is advancing toward victory.

  • The Facts

  • Fewer abortionists mean fewer abortions. Is this the key to prolife victory?

  • Pro-Abort Quotes

  • Is the pro-life side winning? The abortion rights advocates say we are.

  • Media Quotes

  • The pro-choice media grudgingly admits that the pro-life side is winning.

  • A Strategy for Victory

  • An anti-abortion plan that enables the prolife side to end legalized abortion.
Surely many pregnancy centers (a.k.a. CPC's, crisis pregnancy centers) help women to understand abortion risk by providing abortion minded women with the facts on abortion patients rights and the many women killed by abortion. Many pregnancy centers use our Tombstone poster to make abortion minded women aware of the women killed by abortion, which is an abortion risk that most women aren't told about. Our abortion patients rights brochure is another tool that CPC crisis pregnancy centers have used to great effect to change the decision to terminate pregnancy with thousands of abortion minded women.

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